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This blog is moving to a new location (This location will hibernate...)

We've moved this blog to the Natural Logic web site. (And, for those who care about such things, from Movable Type to WordPress.)

You can now find it at http://www.NatLogic.com/blog/.

Please visit us there. You'll find all past posts (albeit with different URLs), and all new posts to come--including a major one in the next hour or two. I don't plan on making any more posts to this site.

If you've subscribed to this blog, please note that I'm in the process of transferring your subscription to the new site. (But I'm not sure the transfer is working, so if you don't get notice of another posting within the next 24 hours, I suggest you head over to http://www.NatLogic.com/blog and [re]subscribe directly.



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